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fold faq Ab welchem Alter darf ich aufs Festival?

Ab 16 darf man ohne Erziehungsberechtigten das Festival besuchen, allerdings nur bis 00.00h. Alle, die jünger sind, müssen in Begleitung ihres Erziehungsberechtigten sein. 

fold faq When will the camping site open?

The camping site opens thursday July, 28th at 3pm.

fold faq When will the festival site open the doors?

Doors will open Friday at 15:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday at app. 11:00 pm.

You will be served a delicious breakfast including coffee on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 pm on. For free! And there is also enough for everybody - so don't panic!

fold faq I want to bring my children - do they have to pay the full price?

No - Children under age of 14 years will get free entry, if they are accompanied by their parents.

fold faq I'm not 18 years old - how long am I allowed to stay?

You can stay until 0:00 am. Please regard the law for protection of children and youth.

fold faq I want to camp at the festival. How old have I got to be?

You can camp if you are already 16 years old. If you are younger, you have to be accompanied by your parents or a legal guardian.

fold faq No reservations for camping this year? Why?

No - because we only have one big camping site now! Enough space for everybody! The whole EmS family can stay together and feel the love vibes that Keith Caputo stated last year...

fold faq Can I take my car upon the camping site?


fold faq Can I take my caravan or trailer onto the camping site?

No, but we provide an extra camping site for caravans and trailers. But you have to make a reservation

fold faq Am I allowed to barbecue?

It all depends on the weather. If we had very dry weather before the festival barbecue will be prohibited. The festival site is located in the middle of the woods. But we will give you more information on site.

fold faq Am I allowed to take glass bottles on the camping site?

NO GLASS PLEASE! Consider the risk of injuries. Not only for your sake! 

Consider other people passing your tent or the people who have to clean up after you've gone! We already had injuries because of glass - so we urge you to leave glass bottles at home and bring plastic or cans instead!

fold faq Is there a deposit for rubbish?

No - because everybody helpes to avoid rubbish. We will hand you some rubbish bags when you change your ticket for a wrist band. Please put your rubbish into the bags close them up and leave them.


fold faq Will drinking water be provided?

Yes, indeed. We muss state that we had some problems in the last years - but in 2009 we will provide drinking water for our campers.


fold faq What about showers?

We will definitely have showers. In the past years we used the showers of the near located stadium Hoher Busch. But we have a better idea for this year - that will be a surprise... stay tuned!

fold faq Chemical Boxes or proper toilets?

We will provide proper toilets - just like every year james!

fold faq Is the festival "barrier-free"?

We do everything possible to make our festival "barrier-free". We have a special platform in front of the stage for disabled persons - also with some shadow;-).

We will provide a special toilet for disabled persons. We will also take care that no normal audience will use the special toilet. If you have any problems entering the festival area - don't hestiate to tell our staff at the entrance - we will help you anyway!!!

fold faq Can I take my private power generator?

Noooo. It stinks and makes too much noise for your camping neighbours. If you need to charge your mobile ask our friendly staff in our little supermarket!

fold faq Can I bring pets to the festival site?

Nooo! Leave them at home - or we will shoot them and throw them on the barbecue!

fold faq Can I bring my private drinks on the festival site?

Definitley not! The organization of the festival cost us a lot of money. And the entrance fee doesn't cover the expenses. We have to sell drings to cover all of our costs. So if you try to smuggle your own stuff onto the site you will kill your favourite festival no. 1.

For sure.

fold faq Am I allowed to make videos or make audio tapes of the bands?

No. If you want to take pictures for privat use - that won't be a problem. Any professional gear to take photos or videos is not allowed!

fold faq I have another question - where can I ask?

Please contact us directly under "Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterKontakt"

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