Latest Updates ... (Kopie 1)

Latest Updates ...

You bet all pots and pans are already being polished to the finest, our breakfast-bacon is still alive and kicking on the lands of the lower rhine area, not to mention all the eggs that are due to be laid until the end of July… we are excited to soon be serving you the 6th edition of our cuddly little festival in good old Viersen. And here’s some good news: it’ll all stay the same!! There will be no change to a bigger festival area, we won’t make you camp out in the sticks, our lovely stage will stay the one and only stage and best of all: breakfast is still for free! The guys from “Mach mal kaffee, ey!” (coffee stop at the festival) are running a hot brainstorming session on their portfolio while our crazy lighting technician is wondering how to rig even more lights into the stage set without having to make us build an additional power plant! 






You can see the cocktail team lifting weights to prepare for the festival’s weekend and ourselves – yep, us – sitting in the sun, enjoying a beautiful day… ah well, not just. We’re out there, quite busy for you guys, finishing off the line-up and getting all excited on the great feedback we’re receiving from you towards the advance ticket sales. Although many things will stay the same, don’t be surprised to find amendments with things that needed to be improved for an even better weekend we’re planning for all of you. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you in Viersen and hope you’re already having a great time with Eier mit Speck 2011!! See you soon, the Speckies


See you soon

the Speckies

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